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Napa WineWalk

More than 25 walkable 
wine tasting locations 
in downtown Napa, California 

Downtown Napa, the heart of Napa Valley's biggest and liveliest town, has a large and concentrated collection of wine tasting locations. Currently there are 28 of them, and more are on the way. On the Napa WineWalk you can walk from one tasting room to another in minutes (sometimes it's right next door), and experience wines from more than 200 different wineries.

Note: We used to recommend several routes you could follow. But now there are so many tasting locations in Napa that a specific route is no longer feasible. Just come on downtown, turn in any direction, and start walking. Chances are it won't be more than a few steps before you encounter your first, very enjoyable, stop.


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Save Time, Relax More, Enjoy More...

   "A safe wine-tasting option"

"Because [Napa County] is so vast, someone in every group of visitors  must drive from one tasting room to the nextwhich requires a  designated driver or chauffeur. This could be one reason locals are atwitter over a new concept designed to attract wine enthusiasts to downtown Napa.

 "The idea, dubbed Napa WineWalk, is an upscale spin on the traditional pub crawl."   (Read the Chronicle's article)


Nowhere else can you try so many wines so conveniently

And nowhere else can you buy so many hard-to-find wines knowing with certainty that you'll like them because you just tasted them. 

You'll save time, you'll save gas, you'll save the stress of driving and traffic. You can focus solely on enjoying yourself as you wander on foot through the food, wine and shopping delights of downtown Napa. And, why not spend the night at one of downtown Napa's new hotels, and do it all over again the next day? And another night and day as well.

Join us on the Napa WineWalk 

 If you've visited every tasting room on the Napa WineWalk and are still ready for more, we recommend the Napa Wine Project. You'll find extensive information on nearly every single winery in the Napa Valley.

No Designated Driver Needed...

...when you spend the night at one of 5 New Downtown Napa Hotels. Or any of our many other convenient lodgings.

No matter how you choose to experience the Napa WineWalk, it makes sense to have a room at one of the hotels, inns or B&Bs in the downtown area. 

With a convenient location like that, you can have a great meal at one of the downtown restaurants, walk back to your room, have a good night's sleep, and do it all again tomorrow, sampling some of the wines you missed today.

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The Napa Valley Book

We recommend this comprehensive guidebook to the entire Napa Valley. You can order it through your local bookseller, or buy it by clicking on the cover image above. 

[Frankly, since it was last updated in 2007, it's out of date in some areas. Prices have gone up, restaurants and wine bars, and even lodging, have come and gone...and come...but it's still the best and most comprehensive guidebook to the valley you can find.]

Paperback, 252 pages, published 2007.  

[Click here to watch the video]

Explore the Napa WineWalk on California Heartland, courtesy of KVIE Public Television (5 minutes) 

You'll notice that as you walk, you'll also pass many of Napa's finest restaurants

30 excellent restaurants from Michelin-starred to friendly pubs. Do yourself a favor, and stop in during or after your walk for a thoroughly enjoyable meal, whether it be lunch, dinner or a mid-afternoon snack. 

Wines, Wines and more Wines

Most wines available for tasting on the Napa WineWalk are from small, low-production wineries in the Napa Valley, many of them hard-to-find "cult" or "boutique" wines. Others are from elsewhere in California and throughout the world.

Some tasting rooms are operated by a single winery pouring its own wines. Others are a cooperative effort where wines from a number of different wineries are served. Still others are wine bars, not connected with any particular winery but pouring wines by the taste or the glass from as many as 40 different wineries from the Napa Valley and beyond.

Wine samples on the Napa WineWalk can vary from an ounce to a full glass. There's a fee, of course, but the Napa WineWalk is a rare opportunity to not just sample but purchase some of the finest wines in California and in the world. The wine shops and tasting bars will be happy to deliver your wine purchase to your hotel, or arrange for shipment to your home or office, assuming you live in a state where direct delivery is legal. (See www.freethegrapes.org for details.

Note: Many of these businesses accept the "Taste Downtown Napa" card which for one fee lets you taste a variety of wines at a discount. For more information, see the  Downtown Napa website

   Remember bookstores? Real bookstores? Where there were real people who carried on conversations with customers, and liked to talk about and recommend books?

There's no wine tasting at Napa Bookmine. (Although there are books on wine.) But you'll find great books, both new and used; and a friendly staff. They're right downtown at 964 Pearl Street. Stop by.




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